Our Services

We provide the best plastic scrap recycling services, both onsite and offsite. Industries can utilize our labor, equipment, logistics and supervision for recycling your plastic waste and focus their valuable time on core business instead.

Transfer the scrap material and other non-critical activities from your site to Recycling Technology Consultants, and save your time and energy. We can handle the entire responsibility of the maintenance of your.

We have qualified and skilled personnel that can be present on your site 24/7, maintain your work area to keep it free of plastic waste, and clean as well as process the scrap from your site.

At Recycling Technology Consultants, we also provide equipment and packaging supplies, such as grinders, shredders, horizontal and vertical balers, boxes and much more. We also ensure the destruction of all parts before they leave the plant.

Types Of Plastics

We have a market for all types of plastics, including:

  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • MDPE
  • PP
  • GPPS
  • PC
  • ABS
  • PET
  • EPS
  • PVC
  • NYLON and more.

Configuration of Plastics

We accept recycling and scrap material in all forms, including:

  • Parts
  • Chunks
  • Regrind
  • Pellet
  • Powder
  • Floor Sweep
  • Cardboard
  • Paper Scrap
  • Wood Pallets
  • E-Scrap