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Welcome to Recycling Technology Consultants

Recycling Technology Consultants specializes in plastic scrap Recycling, Processing and Trading. Our activities include processing and recycling of post industrial and post consumer plastic scrap. We are committed to providing our customers with a stable and constant market of secondary plastic material to meet their product needs.

Headquarters in Houston, TX with Recycling Centers in Matamoros, Monterrey and Guadalajara Equipment includes grinders, and shredder, balers, Certified scales Onsite QC Laboratory with Melt Index testing, density testing, ash test Certification of Material Destruction, Maquila and Pitex material entry summary compliant.

Why Recycling Technology Consultants?

  • Recycling Technology Consultants is uniquely staffed and equipped to handle all of your plastic recycle and transportation needs.
  • Centrally located in Houston, TX with ready access to marine, rail and interstate shipping.
  • The ability to market and process numerous types of plastic materials in many shapes and forms.
  • Can work with your company to tailor a plan to reduce your waste stream and maximize your savings. We can do this by onsite analysis and equipment installation if necessary.

Recycling Technology Consultants Advantage:

  • Logistics US domestic and export
  • US and Mexican Customs Clearance Capabilities
  • Partial and Mixed Loads, any quantities
  • In and Out Services
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Established Markets in US, China & India
  • Custom Clearance 24/7 Coverage
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