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Plastic Scrap Recycling in Houston, TX

Recycling Technology Consultants provides solutions to handle all your plastic, paper and cardboard recycling needs. We provide sustainable solutions for all types of industries and reduce the amount of materials that are sent to the landfills, therefore becoming new products and in turn saving your bottom line costs and reducing your trash service.

RTC has the experience to create a flexible and creative recycling program that reduces your waste stream and maximizes your savings.

Our Services

Drop Trailer Programs

These programs allow you to load unload a trailer at your convenience when staffing levels are adequate, It also helps reduce in shipping Cost, improve service levels, Flexibility and Convenience to Shippers and Warehouse Employees.

Roll Off Boxes

Yard waste roll off container rentals, yard waste containers are great to manage waste and recycle items from any recycling company or organization, we comply with environmental regulations.

Toll Processing Services

The RTC tolling Center is a facility staffed with operators experienced in product and process development, quality control, and a process configuration can be accommodated to meet a customer’s specific processing needs.

Vertical Balers

It will help you low-cost access, you save thousands of dollars on the upfront cost, you don’t have to worry about freight, installation and maintenance.

Shredding, Grinding, Screening

Plastic granulator & and shredding services with plastic recycle equipment and machinery, from low bulk to density or high bulk density small or big parts our services can handle your business needs better than any competitor.

Quick Pick Up & Payment

We are acting quickly to respond with material updates and new offers to help business succeed.

Certified Destruction Services

Do you need proof of the destruction of your plastic scrap? RTC offers certified destruction services upon request to meet the needs of our clients. We will provide the proper documentation to help your facility or organization meet its strategic initiatives.

Commodity Trading

RTC is the execution platform of choice for commodity plastics, whether you need to buy or sell any plastic scrap, RTC is the marketplace for price, transparency, and execution in an equal access market.